Fourth of July Fun.

Did you know that more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year? Unfortunately the safety concerns surrounding the 4th of July, don’t stop with missing pets.  With a few precautions taken before the big day you can ensure your pet stays happy, calm, and safe.

  • WHERES WALDO – If you know your pet is a flight-risk, be sure to keep him or her indoors or in a secured, escape-proof yard.  This suggestion doesn’t simply apply during the evening’s fireworks.  If you are hosting a barbecue make everyone aware of pets who are not to be let out of the house or yard and perhaps seclude your pet in a room distant from the noise and commotion. Dogs and cats don’t always understand that being inside is the safest place, and will run anywhere to get away from a stressful situation.


  • LICENSE AND REGISTRATION – An up-to-date identification tag greatly increases the chance of a lost pet being returned.  An even better way to ensure a lost pet makes his/her way back home is to have your pet microchipped.  That way if a lost pet is taken to a veterinary clinic or even animal control a simple “scan” of your pet will produce an identification number unique to your pet.  If your pet is already microchipped, make sure to check that your contact information on file is up to date.


  • THE BIG BANG –  If the sound and flash that come with most fireworks aren’t alarming to your pet please be aware that exposure to lit fireworks can potentially result in severe burns and/or trauma to the face and paws of a curious pet.  Many types of fireworks contain potentially toxic substances, so even an unused firework can pose a risk if ingested by your pet.


  • FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD – Even the slightest change in your pets’ normal diet can cause severe tummy troubles.   Heavily seasoned, greasy, or fatty meats can be very hard on an animal’s gastrointestinal system.  Make the grill off-limits and ask party guests to avoid feeding your pet table scraps.  While you’re at it, if you plan to enjoy an adult beverage or two make certain your alcoholic beverages are never left unattended where pets can reach them.

If you follow the above suggestions you will be well on your way to ensuring a low-stress enjoyable day for both yourself and your furry friends.  If you feel that your pets may need something to calm their nerves during the sights and sounds that accompany the traditional 4th of July celebration please take a look at the previous post about “storm phobia” for some tips and tricks to help your pet relax during the ensuing commotion.  If you feel your pet may need more severe medical intervention to prevent the stress and anxiety, ask us today so we can advise you on what is appropriate specifically for your pet.

From our staff at SportsVet to you and yours, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday.


Author: SportsVet AMC

Welcome to SportsVet Animal Medical Center's veterinary blog! Every member of our team is dedicated to building, supporting, and maintaining positive and rewarding relationships between pets and their owners. Our veterinary focus is on enhancing life, optimizing function, and maximizing performance for every patient. We will periodically be posting about veterinary healthcare, helpful tips, important facts about your beloved pet, and every topic in between. Have a topic that you are particularly interested in, and want to know more? Contact us to request a blog post directly from our team!

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