A Change Will Do You Good

You may know that June 26th, 2017 was the first day for SportsVet in our new location.  You may know that this particular date was years in the making as Dr. Jacobs had envisioned a veterinary hospital that went above and beyond for both our patients, as well as our clients.  You also likely know that we made some changes during the months leading up to June 26th.  What you may not know, is how these changes will benefit the care of your pet(s), and how these changes impact you as an owner.  So pull up a seat, while I give you the inside scoop on a new chapter of SportsVet.


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I personally, do NOT enjoy moving.  Having moved no fewer than ten times throughout the course of my 20’s and early 30’s, I feel that I can honestly say that I would rather do almost ANYTHING besides relocate to a new home; a sentiment that is shared by nearly everyone I have encountered in my lifetime.  The packing and unpacking, organizing, non-stop hunting for that ONE thing you just can’t go on without (but have NO idea where you placed it), and the physical labor, is just not how I would prefer to spend my weekend.  However, that is exactly what the staff at SportsVet did for an entire weekend prior to opening day.  I know very few places of business where the employees are so dedicated to the realization of a dream that they will give up their entire weekends to move.  This alone, speaks to the strong work ethic and family atmosphere we have here at SportsVet.  I strongly believe that mindset reflects in the care we provide for every single one of our patients.  If you have called, or been in to visit recently, you may have noticed some unfamiliar faces/voices; but you can rest assured that as a family, we have one ultimate goal; to take care of your pet(s) like members of our very own family.

Although our foundation of practicing veterinary medicine hasn’t changed, moving into a larger, more efficient, and higher tech facility has changed the type of care we are able to provide.  If you have stopped in to our new facility, you will notice an increased size and number of exam rooms.  This has allowed us to not only serve our clients in a more relaxed and comfortable manner, but has allowed for separate feline and canine waiting areas and exam rooms to help decrease the anxiety your pet may feel by coming to the vet.  You may notice our staff carrying electronic tablets as we phase out paper files, making each visit and phone call more streamlined and efficient.  Behind the exam rooms we have expanded our pharmacy, added additional space to everything from our “treatment” area to surgery and recovery cages.  The addition of a “special procedures” room allows us to run more than one anesthetized procedure at a time (all of which is done with updated and even more thorough monitoring), as well as providing a home to our ultrasound and dentistry procedures.  When you walk in the lobby, we welcome you to take a peek into our rehabilitation room which now houses a more efficient underwater treadmill, land treadmill, and additional rehabilitation tools to aid in your pets recovery from whatever may ail them.


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If at this point the tour has become exhausting, we ask that you take a step over to our refreshment area to help yourself to some coffee or water before we show you the rest of our facility.


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Dr. Jacobs envisioned an all encompassing place for your pet to be able to receive the treatment he/she deserves.  The addition of grooming, daycare, and an improved boarding experience have helped this vision come to fruition.  Our groomer, Holly, has over 20 years experience in the grooming industry and loves to make your pet look their absolute best.  By providing a fully functional grooming area, this allows us to not only care for a pet’s overall appearance, but also dedicates a space to provide medicated baths to those pets whose skin needs a little extra TLC or for any pets who may need a quick cleaning after a stay with us.


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Past the lobby, you will enter the daycare/boarding space.  10 luxury runs with space to stretch out and flat screen TVs for your pet’s viewing pleasure, we have been able to provide an additional service beyond our standard boarding (which still provides ample space, and the same attention to detail we provide to all our furry friends).  Central to this area is our indoor daycare space which is a true pup paradise, complete with ample room to run, tons of toys for climbing, playing, and dividers to be used as needed for pets of various sizes.  On the backside of our building is a fully fenced in space with K9grass, perfect for allowing your dog to run free and play while enjoying the great outdoors.  Our daycare is monitored by staff who pay the upmost attention to your pets social and physical needs, and whose attention to detail can alert medical staff immediately should any need arise.


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If our feline friends are feeling left out, do not despair.  Our kitty condos are located on the entirely opposite end of the building, allowing for complete relaxation on multiple levels away from the noise and celebration of doggy boarding and daycare.


If this is all hard to envision, I completely understand.  I must have looked at the blue prints, and walked through the building during the construction process over a dozen times; but nothing could prepare me for the first day we were able to work in such an amazing place.  If you are anxiously awaiting a peek of what we have to offer, feel free to bring in your pet for a visit, take a tour of doggy daycare and boarding, or better yet; stay tuned for our Open House planned for late Summer/early Fall, where we will give all of you an exclusive look at the “where” and the “how” SportsVet is able to care for your pet while going above and beyond the standards. Until then, continue to follow our Facebook page for all things “SportsVet”.

– Dr. Dillon (& the SportsVet Team)


Welcome to “Sayings of a SportsVet”

Allow me to welcome you to my space on the web.  I am Dr. Dayle Dillon, associate veterinarian at SportsVet Animal Medical Center in Savoy, Illinois. My goal is to post weekly blogs covering topics that will answer questions, entertain, and help you keep your beloved pets healthy. As we grow, we will take this blog to whatever level you all would like it to go!

I have spent the last few years thoroughly enjoying the life-long learning that accompanies being a small animal veterinarian.  During my tenure, I have met many great clients and thoroughly enjoyed working with them and their pets.  Every day as a vet is surprisingly different. While this makes my career difficult at times, it also brings great enjoyment and fun to the workplace.

Veterinary medicine is an ever-changing field and one of the more interesting and exciting aspects is the ability of our clientele to educate themselves about their furry family members.  I aim to provide insight and education, and an occasional touch of entertainment, through this blog.  The beauty of a blog is its flexibility.  It allows me to plan posts on topics such as vaccines, take inspiration from cases I see throughout the week, and answer your questions. Curious about an issue or have a general topic suggestion? Please let us know. We do ask that you keep specific questions pertaining to your cat/dog to a minimum to allow us to best serve our entire client basis.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting here at SportsVet.  I graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013, but I’ve always loved animals.  I grew up in central Illinois on horseback. I helped my parents care for multiple animals on our farm ranging from Quarter Horses showcased on the racetrack, to farm dogs and cats, and even the occasional exotic pet (I was devastated when I thought my hermit crab died in junior high!).  Preparing animals for the local 4-H fair allowed me to learn about and assist friends with cattle, swine, and a slew of other animals.  Eventually I began lending a helping hand as an assistant to some mixed and small animal veterinarians around my hometown and began imagining myself walking in their shoes some day.

After high school, I pursued a degree at North Park University in Chicago. North Park allowed me to continue to pursue my athletic interests in volleyball and softball while earning my degree in Biology.  After graduating, I accepted a position in as a research assistant at a successful pharmaceutical research company in the medical district of Chicago.  This position developed the basis for the majority of my technical skills that I use to this day.

In 2009, I was accepted into what was to be the first class to undergo a new integrated, hands-on curriculum at the University of Illinois College of Vet Med.  Being the “guinea pigs” of a new system has its pros and cons, but thankfully my participation in this program led me to realize a focus in areas of medicine like canine rehabilitation was an option for a veterinarian.  After graduation, my career as a small animal veterinarian began at Best Friends Vet Care in Decatur, Illinois.  My more experienced colleagues liked to tell me I would learn more during my first year of practice than I would during my entire four years of veterinary school; they weren’t lying!  Over the two years I spent in Decatur, I was responsible for not only our typical day-to-day appointments (what exactly IS typical in a veterinary clinic????), but also covering overnight, weekend, and holiday emergency on-call for a number of clinics in the area.  During my time in Decatur, I learned a great deal from not only my boss and support staff, but also from my clients and patients.  It was during my time in Decatur that I really began to get an idea of the doctor I strive to be, and the style in which I practice medicine.  I will always be eternally grateful for the skills and knowledge I learned during my time in Decatur.

My story at SportsVet is still being written, so cuddle up with your favorite pet(s), grab your beverage of choice, and settle in for what I hope will be an interesting “tail.”

From here on, I expect this blog to take a more “veterinary” path and be as interesting as it is educational.  I will do my best to keep you up-to-date on current topics and trends in veterinary medicine, as well as going-ons at SportsVet.  I will also do my best to respond to comments in a timely fashion so long as they serve a purpose to support discussion.  We all know that life can sometimes get in the way, so I ask for your patience  in the timing of my posts, and replies.  Blogs cannot replace regular veterinary care.  However if you are looking for a veterinarian, and you find what I have to say interesting, I would love to meet you and help you care for your pet.  Don’t hesitate to let the staff know how you heard about us either!