The Thunder Rolls


As we jump feet first into Spring, it is easy to get excited about the great things to come.  Grilling outdoors, flowers in bloom, sunshine for days, etc.  Unfortunately while some of us may revel in the winds and showers that April brings, some of our furry counterparts are less than thrilled for the exciting weather developments that accompany the start of Spring.  If you are the owner of a pet with a “storm phobia” you are not alone.

It’s a condition we deal with frequently as veterinarians, and sometimes as pet owners ourselves.  Just like a systemic illness each pet with a storm phobia is different. The manifestations and coping mechanisms for each pet’s phobia will vary.  Some cases may be minor, resulting in some restlessness or panting, while other pets end up costing owners large sums of money in home repair as their dog attempts to tunnel through dry-wall or destroy furniture.  Although we may not be able to eradicate the signs of unease in their entirety, it is important to address these behaviors and lessen their severity (as much for your sanity as your pet’s).

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