Whats the big deal about Heartworms?


When it comes to the well being of our furry family members, their heath and happiness is always our priority. One of the best ways to keep your pet(s) healthy is to practice preventative medicine.  Prevention of heartworm disease is a very important piece of the preventative medicine puzzle. The first step in prevention of any illness is having a better understanding of the disease. Continue reading “Whats the big deal about Heartworms?”


Ditch the Itch

April showers bring May flowers! Unfortunately along with the flowers comes the re-emergence of allergy season.  Nationwide pet insurance, recently sorted its database of more than 550,000 insured pets to determine the top 10 dog medical conditions in 2015. Number one on that list was Skin Allergies.   Continue reading “Ditch the Itch”

The Thunder Rolls


As we jump feet first into Spring, it is easy to get excited about the great things to come.  Grilling outdoors, flowers in bloom, sunshine for days, etc.  Unfortunately while some of us may revel in the winds and showers that April brings, some of our furry counterparts are less than thrilled for the exciting weather developments that accompany the start of Spring.  If you are the owner of a pet with a “storm phobia” you are not alone.

It’s a condition we deal with frequently as veterinarians, and sometimes as pet owners ourselves.  Just like a systemic illness each pet with a storm phobia is different. The manifestations and coping mechanisms for each pet’s phobia will vary.  Some cases may be minor, resulting in some restlessness or panting, while other pets end up costing owners large sums of money in home repair as their dog attempts to tunnel through dry-wall or destroy furniture.  Although we may not be able to eradicate the signs of unease in their entirety, it is important to address these behaviors and lessen their severity (as much for your sanity as your pet’s).

Continue reading “The Thunder Rolls”

Kidney Disease: What Does This Mean For My Pet?

For those of you who are reading this post as a follow-up to my previous post on kidney failure I appreciate your return.  For those of you just now joining, please take a look back on my previous post for the ins and outs of the diagnosis and unfortunate consequences of kidney failure. Continue reading “Kidney Disease: What Does This Mean For My Pet?”

Kidney Failure: The What and Why

One of the more frustrating and unfortunately common diseases we see in veterinary medicine is kidney disease. Kidney disease in and of itself can mean many things; kidney stones, infections, cancer, or failure. With this post I will do my best to inform you of the ins and outs of kidney (renal) failure. In a subsequent post I will proceed to address the steps we can take to manage kidney failure in hopes of providing our beloved fur babies great quality of life for as long as possible. Continue reading “Kidney Failure: The What and Why”

What does AAHA mean?

When you go to a human hospital, you know that standards exist to accredit the facility in which you seek health care. When you take your pets to the veterinarian, do you ever wonder what criteria exist to evaluate the quality of a veterinary practice? Did you know that accreditation of veterinary clinics, is completely voluntary and less than 20% of North American veterinary hospitals meet the strict standards set by American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)? Continue reading “What does AAHA mean?”

Old Cat and Dog “Tales”

The health of our pets is a somewhat daunting and certainly complicated topic.  Thanks to modern technology there is a plethora of information literally at our fingertips.  Unfortunately this can make sorting “fact” from “fiction” quite difficult.  Even before the internet, there were many myths about animal health and the reasoning behind common behaviors.   Continue reading “Old Cat and Dog “Tales””