Canine Influenza

Do you remember the Great Canine Influenza Outbreak of 2015?  Most of us outside the Chicagoland area were left unaffected but unfortunately Canine Influenza (CIV) seems to be causing quite a stir so far in 2016 with multiple local media outlets covering reports of cases in neighboring McLean county and even at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  Unfortunately, this is an illness that is likely to continue to make headlines in the weeks to come.  I hope to be able to place some of you at ease with some cold hard facts about precautionary measures you can take, and what to expect if your pet is suspected of being affected.

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Whats the big deal about Heartworms?


When it comes to the well being of our furry family members, their heath and happiness is always our priority. One of the best ways to keep your pet(s) healthy is to practice preventative medicine.  Prevention of heartworm disease is a very important piece of the preventative medicine puzzle. The first step in prevention of any illness is having a better understanding of the disease. Continue reading “Whats the big deal about Heartworms?”

Ditch the Itch

April showers bring May flowers! Unfortunately along with the flowers comes the re-emergence of allergy season.  Nationwide pet insurance, recently sorted its database of more than 550,000 insured pets to determine the top 10 dog medical conditions in 2015. Number one on that list was Skin Allergies.   Continue reading “Ditch the Itch”

The More You Know……..

Hello loyal readers! If you were a child of the eighties (as I was), you may remember the public safety announcements (or PSAs) featured on NBC during multiple primetime and Saturday morning programming spots. While you may not remember the message behind these multiple PSAs, I bet you at least remember that blazing star featuring “The More You Know” trailing behind it at the end of each of these brief messages. Well I don’t have a shooting star to introduce the topic of this current post, but I will be up front in informing you that this post shall serve as a PSA to all the dog lovers out there. Continue reading “The More You Know……..”

Ask The Doc

Welcome to the first edition of “Ask the Doc”. A chance for you to ask me those burning questions that are keeping you up at night, and have you concerned for Fluffy’s best interest. Remember that some of these questions may have been edited slightly in order to provide information that will be deemed informative and useful to a wide number of our patients and clients. Therefore, without further adieu, let us get started. Continue reading “Ask The Doc”