A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving tips to keep your pet healthy!

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays at SportsVet and we would like to take a moment to give “Thanks” to all of our patients and clients. We are honored to serve you throughout the year and hope your family enjoys all the special moments unfolding this holiday season. Continue reading “A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving tips to keep your pet healthy!”

Senior Health


Did you know that dogs and cats are considered to be Seniors on average at only seven years old?  Unfortunately for pets, that means Senior as in elderly, not their particular education level!  Obviously some of our toy breeds like a chihuahua have a much longer lifespan than say a great dane, but its a good rule of thumb that your pet is entering his/her “golden years” at some point between the age of 6-10 years.  That’s because pets age much faster than humans. Continue reading “Senior Health”

HOWL-oween Safety Tips


Halloween is right around the corner. For many of us this means fun costumes, an inevitable 5lb weight gain as we let the leftover trick or treat stash go to “waist” (See what I did there?), one very busy night (and for some perhaps a whole weekend) and in general just a GOOD time. However like many of our celebrated holidays, this can be a scary and confusing time for our pets. Continue reading “HOWL-oween Safety Tips”

Ask The Doc

Welcome to the first edition of “Ask the Doc”. A chance for you to ask me those burning questions that are keeping you up at night, and have you concerned for Fluffy’s best interest. Remember that some of these questions may have been edited slightly in order to provide information that will be deemed informative and useful to a wide number of our patients and clients. Therefore, without further adieu, let us get started. Continue reading “Ask The Doc”

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Over the past few weeks the mercury has risen to levels that many of us deem unbearable. We all hear about not leaving our loved ones in a car on a hot day for fear of heat related illness or even worse death, but what exactly is heat stroke, and how can we be prepared for it? Continue reading “It’s Getting Hot In Here”